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From plane to stereo: 3D face modeling only needs one photo

Can you imagine a portrait that can generate a detailed and realistic 3D face model with one click? Through a large number of sample data collected in the existing 3D face database, the research team of Zhongke Boming built neural network training, and finally broke through the key technology of 3D model recovery from 2D face image by using deep learning. This technology supports obtaining a high-resolution depth image through a single two-dimensional portrait image, then recovering the three-dimensional point cloud data, and outputting a realistic 3D face model.

The 3D face model recovered by this technology has very real color and accurate size, and has a good visual experience. It can help users to break through the limitation of two-dimensional image, reduce the cost of modeling and improve the efficiency of modeling. It has a very broad application prospect in 3D medical plastic surgery, game entertainment, video communication and other fields.

3D portrait modeling scheme

The 3D face restoration algorithm can automatically generate a 3D human image model which is highly matched with the photo characters through a single portrait photo taken by a common camera. In addition, by using the AI intelligent completion algorithm independently developed by Zhixiang optoelectronics, the collected 180 degree (left ear to right ear) 3D face data can be intelligently matched and fused with its own head information database data to achieve complete head reconstruction. Based on the head 3D model, its own portrait model database and hair style resource database, it can also generate customized 3D models according to customer needs.

Application scenario

3D printing

Help you quickly output the puppet models that can be used for 3D printing. Compared with the traditional manual way of making dolls, our scheme can greatly improve the ability of industry generation.

AR wear

Lifelike 3D model can help consumers experience glasses, jewelry, clothing and other commodities online, and intuitively perceive the personalized matching effect. With interesting interactive experience, businesses and consumers can quickly generate links, and achieve more accurate sales transformation.

Virtual social interaction

It is applied to model co shooting, advanced animation, expression package, etc., and supports various scenes such as live network, video social, remote chat, etc., so that developers can create more fresh and interesting playing methods for users.

Medical plastic surgery

It can be used in plastic medicine and beauty industry to get rid of the limitation of distance and field and make the consultation more convenient and efficient. Accurate and effective help medical institutions improve efficiency.

Online education

To create a virtual teacher image and carry out auxiliary teaching can not only improve teaching efficiency anytime and anywhere, but also greatly improve students' interest and concentration in learning.

Intelligent assistant

The model can be widely used in virtual customer service, virtual medical assistant, virtual host and other scenes. It can effectively improve user experience by driving digital image to interact and provide services.